TNI Ste of Power Report

Marching forward: Women, resistance and counter-power. An interview with Bertha Zúñiga Cáceres, Medha Patkar and Nonhle Mbuthuma

TNI launched their annual State of Power reports because they believe that the issue of power is central to the struggle for social justice. It has since become their most popular report, delving into who has power, how it's exercised and how we can realise their collective power to transform society.

In this year's seventh edition of State of Power, they decided to focus on counter-power, to examine what is needed to build up the power of social movements and how it can be best harnessed.

They are thrilled with the essays and analysis they brought together from leading activists and thinkers. They welcome your thoughts and comments so please get in touch via their social media channels or by emailing:

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